Aren’t You Tired of…

…High Turnover-High Risk Positions Bleeding Your Human Resources Budget Dry?

reSOURCE can show you a better way

…Extended Vacancies Driving Up Overtime?

reSOURCE can show you a better way

…Budget Constraints Impacting Service Levels?

reSOURCE can show you a better way

Your team at reSOURCE has over 15 years of proven experience within local, state, regional and national governments. Our record speaks for itself: measurable improvements in hiring KPI, mitigated risk, elimination of recruitment and post employment costs and savings to client partners of more than 30%.

Some Client Partner Comments


Utilizing reSOURCE has enabled us to reduce current employee cost and long term legacy dollars, plus cut our recruitment expense and hiring time. In addition, the Countys exposure to liability and risk factors has been significantly diminished.”


reSOURCE has worked hand in hand with us to develop customized solutions that provide an increase in productivity and a decrease in cost. This solution has enhanced the Countys ability to maintain a high level of service to our residents.”


About Our Company

reSOURCE Government Services brings private sector muscle to meet the workforce needs of the public sector.

reSOURCE works in true partnership with county and city governments to build workforce solutions that are as unique as the communities they serve.

Whether it is finding talent that brings experience and enthusiasm to a challenging and difficult-to-fill position on your roster or developing a collaborative and strategic workforce solution that reduces recruitment and employment costs, turnover and risk…

…reSOURCE is ready to work for you.


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